Bølget fane: The opera with Frederik to
”Barberen i Sevilla”
Bølget fane: Gitte, Ana og Luis og Rafael at Marias garden. Before the boys started working in Roses Cafe og Restaurant in Dronningmølle.
Bølget fane: Ants and chokolade from Columbia.
Bølget fane: Dinner with Frederik, Ana og Gitte
Bølget fane: Lunch in Gilleleje before Gitte and Ana are going back
Hulstrimmel: Henriks wonderful place ”Vintre Mølle” 
with the the mill
and spring water for manufacturing his gin etc.,
a lot of storage.
And a lovely big villa to live in.
Bølget fane: 3 Lovely days in Nordjylland with Irene, Johs and Balder.
And also company of a Viper.